The Executive Recruiting Team of Crimson Consulting Group bring together better than 50 years of first-hand knowledge and expertise to the world of Staffing.  With literally hundreds of placements over the years in senior leadership roles, the CCG Team has successfully impacted the lives and careers of many professionals and Companies across the United States.

Whether you’re a Hiring Official within an organization, or a Career Professional seeking a new challenge, you can count on the CCG Team to work with you in a professional manner.

The CCG Team takes great pride in working hand in hand with you every step of the way in the hiring process.  The CCG Team believes that Customer Service is Priority, and that every Company Hiring Official and Career Professional should receive personal and professional attention. There is nothing more important than your career and the success of a company.

The CCG Team looks forward to working with you!

CCG Expertise

Over the years the CCG Team has placed Executives in a variety of industries.  The list below gives an illustration of the CCG Team expertise:


  •      Construction
  •      Manufacturing
  •      Engineering
  •      Sales
  •      Accounting & Finance


  •      President
  •      Vice President
  •      Chief Operating Officer
  •      Chief Finance Officer
  •      Operations Manager
  •      Director
  •      General Manager
  •      Sales Management
  •      Project Manager
  •      Estimator
  •      Superintendent
  •      Plant Manager
  •      Quality Manager

CCG Retained Search:

For a Company, there is nothing more damaging to the Bottom Line than a critical unfilled position on the staff.  Further, team morale can be significantly impacted with a key vacancy.

To execute a Priority Search, the CCG Team offers the Retained Search option to Identify, Locate, Screen, and Present Qualified applicants to meet your critical need.  With a Retained Search, you’ll be charged a one-time “up-front” fee equal to one-third of the entire search fee.  Once the search has been completed, and the applicant has been interviewed, thoroughly screened, and hired, the balance of the search fee will be due.

The key to the CCG Team Retained Search is PRIORITY for the Hiring Organization.  At CCG, Retained Searches are Priority…..which results in “Time-To-Fill”.  Avoid the negative affects of bottom line erosion and negative morale by getting your critical needs filled in an expeditious manner.  As a Company Hiring Official, you’ll enjoy the personal attention of the CCG Team and know that both Customer Service and Personal Attention will be afforded to you.

CCG Contingency Search:

Contingency search is a popular option for Company Hiring Officials when “Time-To-Fill” isn’t critical.  The Contingency search option allows for Organizations to view candidate resumes without any specific obligation to pay a fee.  This is a “no-risk” approach to hiring a Recruiter to fill your needs.  Frequently companies like to work with multiple recruiting firms, and the Contingency option allows for that.  Some Businesses find that if they have their own Staffing Department that the Contingency Search option works well for them.

Fees for the Contingency Search are paid upon completion of the search once a Candidate has interviewed, screened, and accepted the Company offer of employment.  Contingency fees at Crimson Consulting run 5 to 10 per-cent higher than Retained Searches.  Because a Firm may choose to work with multiple Recruiters simultaneously, and the fee isn’t paid til the search is complete, Contingency Search is a higher risk for CCG than the Retained Search option.